About POWER Library

POWER Library

POWERThe free premium subscription information found on POWER library gives you immediate access to thousands of magazines, online books, car repair manuals, full text articles, newspapers, an encyclopedia, photographs, charts, maps, pictures and much more.

How do I use POWER Library?

You can use the resources of the POWER Library from home, work or school all you need is an internet connection and your Library Card. You can also visit our library and use POWER Library without a library card.

To use POWER Library away from the library you will need to click the POWER Library link above and enter the POWER Library code PL7095 + 3 digits of your Genesee library card number. If you don’t have a library card you can create an eCard on the POWER Library site. If you have any questions call the Library at 814-228-3328.

Where can I get help, if I’m having problems?

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